Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Marg Kronfeld - Encouraging Employee Autonomy

Marg Kronfeld is a New Zealand professional who currently works as the company director of BK Enterprises. She, like many other management professionals, has learned that encouraging employee autonomy often improves professional satisfaction and, as a result, team performance. If you’d like to take a page from pros like Marg Kronfeld, use the following methods to encourage employee autonomy in your own business:

Accept Mistakes

When a team member makes a mistake, do not punish him or her to the point that you discourage future effort. Mistakes happen, and to help your organization grow you must learn to accept them. Discuss mistakes openly, but instead of shaming the person who made the error, strategize ways to make each error into a learning experience.

Hire Individuals 

Hiring people who are inclined to avoid individual roles will work against your autonomous business culture. Look for people who know what they need to perform well and people who are not afraid to take risks These employees are most likely to be innovative and creative, increasing how lucrative your company is.

Build Trust 

Autonomy within a company does not work without trust. Your employees must trust their managers and the managers must trust the employees. Statistically, employees that feel trusted by managers are less likely to waste time and more likely to contribute to company development.

Professionals like Marg Kronfeld work with many employees and, as a result, they often develop supervision methods for individuals within their businesses. You might find that some of your employees thrive better with constant supervision and others with a level of autonomy, and customizing your leadership to suit this will likely have the most positive impact.