Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Marg Kronfeld Dedicated Member of the New Zealand Community

Marg Kronfeld was born in the United Kingdom in 1965. Kronfeld and her family immigrated to New Zealand in 1971, and she grew up and was educated on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. The North Shore is the fourth most populated city in New Zealand, a suburban area north of downtown Auckland. It is accessible to the Auckland metropolitan area by the Auckland Harbor Bridge across the Waitemata Harbor, and by the Upper Harbor Bridge which connects to Auckland’s western suburbs.

The North Shore was a European rural area, popular with the city of Auckland residents on weekends, who came to enjoy the beaches and simple life, as there was no significant employment in the area. Once the Auckland Harbour Bridge was built in 1959, North Shore began to grow exponentially as a bedroom community for those working in Auckland. Auckland’s rush hour transportation difficulties aside, Marg Kronfeld can avail herself of regular ferry service from the North Shore to Auckland City from a variety of locations.

Over 22,000 businesses are in North Shore city, and it is easy to see why, with the burgeoning number of retailers and with the boom in housing which have grown up in the Albany area, that Marg Kronfeld would choose to live and work in her hometown. Kronfeld opted to gain business management experience upon her graduation from Massey College working as an administration manager, moving then to work in the tourism industry for a number of years for Air New Zealand. Kronfeld gained experience in a number of business enterprises after leaving the airline industry.