Monday, 29 August 2016

Marg Kronfeld - Useful Exercises to Help You Lose Weight

Marg Kronfeld is the Company Director for BK Enterprises, and she has been serving in the position since 2008. She is dedicated to her career, and to running the daily operations of the business, including the management of thirty-six staff members. In addition to her career, she is also committed to her overall health. Here are some useful exercises to help you lose weight and get in shape.

Running is one of the most beneficial exercises you can perform if you’re trying to lose weight. Although it can be demanding on the body, if you run with proper form, you can do it well into old age and you’ll get the results you’re after. Running does wonders for your cardiovascular health, as well as your endurance overall. Your body will shed fat in order to make running easier on your body as a whole.

Swimming is another great exercise to practice, especially if you’re trying to avoid the stress that activities that running can have on your joints. Swimming is another workout that will focus on your cardiovascular health and endurance, but the water will act as a cushion that protects the body. It will also add resistance so that your upper body gets a workout too.

Hiking is another great exercise to practice. It’s much tougher than simply going for a walk, and typically it consists of harsher terrain, steep up hills, and quad burning down hills. It will get you the results you need if you’re consistent in your practice.

Marg Kronfeld enjoys being able to get outside, stay healthy, and being active when she has the time.